Next Generation Maker Challenge 2018 (#NGMC18)


  1. Make something in your shop with someone that is no more than 16 years old,
  2. If you are a young maker with your own YouTube channel already, you can make something on your own
  3. Record a video of this process,
  4. Try to edit it to be less than 10 minutes long,
  5. Put “Next Generation Maker Challenge 2018” in the title, or you can use hashtag “#NGMC18”, but put full name in the description
  6. Post the video to Youtube between 1st of June and 31st of July,
  7. Send a link to the video with your address to karol @ kkmake . uk, or using any other social media
  8. Subscribe to my channel, like my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram, (it would be great if you do the same with the supporters)
  9. Share the above video.
  10. Random winners will be drawn after 1st of August

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Challenge Logo

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